23 June 2009

WNWBL Round 2 and NWBL Round 3

Ok so I apologise for not writing this straight after the rounds happend. So if the commentary is kinda boring, its because my memory has faded and am relying on the League websites.

Firstly, it was the second Womens League round, held in Melbourne on the weekend of the 12th of June.

Unfortunately, due to the current Oink Flu epidemic going on around the world, and with the high number of cases in Victoria, our HC John was unable to fly with us (he is a teacher). Therefore, AC Lee stepped up to play HC for the weekend, and Wheelcats physio Katie was able to fly with us (Stars physio Zoe was unable to fly to Victoria because she had prac in a hospital).

So the Stars flew out 9am on the Thursday. Not after getting a headach from a certain check in chick who said I had to pay $220 in excess baggage. In my 5 years of basketball, never have I heard of my state team having to pay excess. So I sat there telling her to waive it, which left me negative 2 minutes to go to the loo before boarding my flight.

We got into Melbourne around 2 in the arvo, met up with our interstate player Cobi, and was on our way to Dandenong. I was trucker chick with Lee, while the rest of the girls and Tom (as in GPS) told us how to get to our hotel while avoiding any kind of road toll. About an hour and half later, we arrived at the same hotel I stayed at with the Wheelcats a few weeks before (which by the way, only took like 30 or 40 minutes because we didn't avoid tolls!).

After checking in, with Katie, Amber, Sarah and I in one apartment, Lee on his own, and the rest of the girls (Cobi, Alicia, Eileen and Mandy) in another apartment, we went out for dinner, breakfast shopping and then back to the hotel for sleep.

The next morning we were able to do whatever we wanted until 2pm when we left the hotel for our 4pm game. So most of us slept in and then went to the Plaza for lunch.

Both the 4pm and 8pm games were against the Hills Hornets, the team we beat by 1 in the first round in Perth. Pretty much the stats talk for themselves. We didnt do very well. I can't explain why, but we were shite. Despite improving in the second game, we ended the day with 2 loses under our belt. Not very good.

That night we had pizza and movies, followed by bed.

The next morning was pretty much the same. We had a lazy morning of watching Bambi 2 and then a sausage sizzle courtacy of Lee (who cooked the sausages in the kitchenette due to the coldness outside and the inability to light the BBQ).

4pm we played the Gladiators. Unfortunately the stats were not recorded on Live Stats so I can't be specific, but we were SO much better than the day before. Even I got a few good baskets. As a whole, we were awesome. We won that game fairly convincingly.

Now the 8pm game was against the Dandenong Rangers. Erg! I say 'erg' not because we lost. We actually won. It was a great win as well. We were down by heaps and then the girls shot their lights out and won with a nice gap in front. I say 'erg' because at the end of the 3rd quarter, I was the meat (or nutella, whatever you fancy..) of a Shelley and Cobi sandwich. There was a whole lot of wheel, a whole lot of floor, and I ended up lying on my arm and bursting into tears. It wasn't that painful at all, but for some reason, like when you get hit in the nose, the water works started automatically. I remember hearing someone say 'just stay there for a bit, don't move'. So I did. I eventually turned myself over and was pulled up by HC and subbed off. Luckilly we had the physio there because even though my left elbow wasn't really in pain, it did feel slightly stiffer. Either way, it wasn't normal anymore. So after some ice, a short push around on the other court, and some strapping later, I was able to play the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game. By this time the girls were ahead by like 10 and the Rangers had resorted to fouling every time we had possession to send us to the line in hope to get the ball back quicker. It didn't matter though, our girls were hitting most of their FT's and we won.

The next morning I was in pain. My arm had stiffened dramatically and was very sore to move. I had to lifted into the Truck (thanks Lee) because I was unable to transfer myself. I think the flight didn't help either.

On the Monday, I booked myself in to see Loopy - the Rollers physio, and he told me I had partially torn my medial collateral ligament. The fact it hurt when he tried bending it too far meant that it wasn't severed completely and doesn't need surgery to be put back on. Which is good news. Bad news was that I needed to rest it, which meanr no training and no NWBL game that weekend, and purhaps no WNWBL games the following weekend. I wasn't a happy girl. I've never really been injured before and I hated to think that I would be disappointing my teams by not being able to train or play with them.

Luckilly, the boys were able to win both games against the Adelaide Thunder that weekend without me. It sucked watching from the sideline and not being able to play. Especially when things got a bit hairy and scary when a 30 or whatever point lead went down to 5 or 8. But in the end, it was 2 wins and the Wheelcats remain undefeated. A few of the boys know what they need to work on and will hopefully be better and ready for the next NWBL round in Sydney at the end of July (I will be in Canada and will miss the round - so good luck boys! Will be thinking of you!!).

On the weekend, just before our first NWBL game against Adelaide, one of the Stars was involved in her first car accident and received a spiral fracture to her pinky on her right hand. She had surgery to make it right but will not be able to play for a while, which means not traveling with us to Sydney this weekend for the next WNWBL round. Thankfully, Loopy gave me the all clear to play this weekend, otherwise the Stars would have only had 1 sub. I will be on light duties because I dont want to be hurt and not be able to play in Canada, but I am still thankful that I am able to play. I am a basketballer at heart and not playing is a heartbreaker!

Lastly I just want to put in a special mention for a special someone. You know who you are, and I want you to know that the strength, loyalty, and bravery you have exhibited over the past 2 weeks is inspirational. Your ability to play the cards you have been dealt, and to continue to climb onwards and upwards is amazing and all those around you should be thankful to have you there. The Stars and the Cats will always be there to support you and your family. We are so proud to call you one of us. Xx

Thats all for me tonight. Hopefully there isn't too many spelling or grammatical errors. I've typed this pretty fast :P

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