11 June 2012

Wheelchair Basketball Week

The IPC have annouced this week to be Wheelchair Basketball week in their 20-week sport series on Twitter. Their account is @Paralympic. One of their posts included a short video about wheelchair basketball. View it below:

The footage is taken from the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and the Gliders obviously forgot that games are filmed and televised. What were we thinking?? The 5 person clap on court with a big zoom in on my big laugh is a touch embarrassing but hey any attention/publicity is good attention/publicity right?? Erg!

I found the following video after watching the above video. Good on ya Kylie! I'm assuming it was taken before the Beijing Paralympics. Unfortunately we didn't get the gold there (we won the bronze) but fingers crossed the Gliders get the gold in London!

In other news: my house didn't lose power and nothing has blown away. Taj was a bit wet and shaken when we got home. We are still expecting a few more storms in Perth so hopefully there will be no more damage during those ones. On Sunday, my husband and I had to do a lot of driving around the Fremantle to Canningvale area and we saw A LOT of fallen trees and branches on the road. One poor bloke had a branch through his car windscreen.

Taken from the Bureau of Meteorology website

Lastly, I made it into the Wheelchair Sports WA Wheelies Mail (both my names did!)! Thank you for your support guys :)

Flash and Thunder are currently at the $500 mark for raising money for Wheelchair Sports WA. Any support would be greatly appreciated! 100% tax deductible donations can be done HERE. And you can read their training blog HERE. I can hear my husband tapping away on his laptop, so expect a new training blog soon! September is approaching!

Photo by Emily Dimozantos - Life in Motion

My uni lecturer would have hated the lack of "flow" in today's post. I jumped from one topic to another quite dramatically - but meh - this doesn't count towards my degree :) Speaking of which: one more semester to go!!

- 79 days to go til London Paralympics!

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