01 September 2012

Let the games begin!

August 30th
Today we had training in the morning at a place in Hackney. We didn't go too hard because we have a game later in the day but we had a great shooting session.

As a bit of inspiration prior to our first game, we got to watch an absolutely awesome video made by fellow Glider Kathleen. She did an amazing job on the video - none of us in London were expecting anything quite like it. So much effort was put into it and it was a tear jerker! Happy tears!

We played our first game against Brazil and it was tough! We haven't played against them in a very long time so we had basically no idea how they play their offence and how they will play their defence. So we kinda had to wing it. But we are tough and slogged our way through the game to come away with a 2 point win! Phew!! The end score was 52 to 50.

August 31st
Today we played against the GB team. Playing against the home favourite was amazing. The stadium was packed and there was massive roars everytime they scored or when the court announcer mentioned them. It was kinda cool to hear the majority of the crowd sing the GB national anthem. If it was us playing in Australia and I was listening to the entire stadium singing, it would be a tear jerker for sure! We had our pocket of yellow in the corner and we are glad we were able to put on a good show for our supporters at the game and those watching on tv back at the stadium or back in Australia.

I had alot of fun playing this game, I got 6 points and got a couple rebounds which is always nice as a low pointer. I was rested for the last half of the game and and enjoyed watching the Gliders finish the game with great intensity.

We won 51 to 24.
Game photos by Lee Nott

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