29 December 2008

First ever blog!

Well hello there! You must be bored!

I wasn't going to do one of these things but there is 2 hours until my taxi arrives to take me to the airport. I'm flying to Melbourne to spend New Years at the beach with my fellow Glider Dori and all her mates. So its going to be 6 days of sun (hopefully!), sand, seafood and Riccadonna! Perhaps alot of horror movies as well, seeing as both Dori and I love our scary movies!

If your wondering where I got the name of my blog from, well I was watching Jerry Maguire last night (a pre-scientology Tom film) and the guy right at the end says it. He's an old, retired looking guy but I still think it applies to me. I've had my ups and my downs. Tears of joy and tears of sadness, with a few (but not that many) regrets in between. But I wouldn't swap my life for another persons at all. I love my life!

I play wheelchair basketball for my state (Perth, the best city!) and for Australia. My teams are my family. I have my Wheelcats family (Perth NWBL team - 02, 06, 07, 08 champions), my Western Stars family (Perth WNWBL team - 08 runners up), and my Gliders family (Australian womens team - bronze @ Beijing Paralympics). I've shared many many memorable times with each of these teams and I look forward to many many more. I'm only 22 and the most experienced member of the Gliders is 39, and she has been to 5 Paralympics. So I definitely have many more basketball years in me.

Anyway, that will do for this post. Not entirely sure if I will keep this thing going but hey, follow me (as in subscribe to the blog, not stalk!), and maybe I will get bored again and post more :)

Clarey x

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