29 December 2008

Wow, a second one already!

Well I didn't think that I would have something else to say so soon. But here I am sitting in the Perth Domestic Airport Qantas Club after a very interesting, and slightly annoying, taxi ride.
I'm the kinda girl who doesn't mind it when taxi drivers do or don't make small talk while driving me to where ever I need to go. This cab ride I wished he did the latter.

I don't mind when people ask about my disability. How I got it.. How long have I had it.. The questions usually stop there with the odd "poor girl" look on their face. I was 3 when I had my accident. Head on car crash while on holiday with my family. Some may say, oh how terrible! But like my blog says: I love my life! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway, some times you get the odd time where you get asked more questions. Mostly from curious kids. How do you drive.. Do you sleep in it?.. (A: With hand controls... and No, I have a bed!). I'm fine with all these questions too. But what made my taxi ride slightly annoying was when the driver started preaching about stem cell research. Have you tried it? No. You should look into it. Maybe. It could change your life. Perhaps.

But my opinion is this. I've been in this chair for 19 years. My legs have not been walked on (except for a few small years when I was a toddler). I can only imagine the amount of pain I would start feeling if all of a sudden after some stem cell injecto bizzo. The amount of physio needed to bring back muscle tone to support my upper body. La la la I hope you get the idea. I've lived an awesome 22 years. Traveled the world. Met amazing people. Being in a wheelchair hasnt stopped me from doing the things I love doing, and it definitely won't stop be from continuing doing so for the next 50 or 60 or whatever years. Stem cell research can stay a distant thought for me.

Anyway, I will stop rambling now and go enjoy the luxuries of Qantas Club and a business seat to Melbourne!!

Clarey x

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