18 February 2009

Japan 2009

I am absolutely freezing and too lazy to go back to my room to grab my jumper (at the moment, sitting on the ground with Matts laptop up on the couch that looks like half a hotdog, in a common area of the hotel), so Im going to be pretty quick.

I flew out of Perth with Head Coach John Triscari on the 16th after a very busy day (uni in the morning - a 3 hour lecture, then to Herb to grab my chair and then home, but then all the way back to my house to turn off the alarm that had apparently been going off since 6am before getting a taxi to airport). We got into Sydney really late, had some room service and went to bed. Breakfast was then at 6.45am, too early for my liking seeing as I stayed up til 1.20am to finish off the 2nd Twilight book so I didnt have to have 2 books in my carry on bags.

We met up with the rest of the Gliders at the international airport for a 9.30 flight to Tokoyo/Nartia airport. We only had an hour and half from landing to takeoff for our flight to Osaka. Somehow we made it, though I think we may have held the plane up, it ended up taking off an hour after it was meant to.

(On the plane)

Like I said before, it is absolutely freezing here. Going from 35 degrees in Perth to like 8 degrees here in Japan was a shock to the body. I had my UnderAmour, one longsleave, another longsleave, my hoodie and my winter jacket on. As well as scarf, and beanie.

(Its so cold in Japan!)

Anyway, we finally made it to the hotel and met up with the Aussie girls who have been in USA for study and training. Check in and bed followed.

The next day (today) we had breakfast and then bus'ed it to a Japanese school where we did an exhibition game followed by several clinics for the Japanese children. The joy and admiration in the faces of the children were awesome. They loved having us there. They had made posters of each of our names as well as a big poster with Fight Gliders written on it.

(Dori and I with our fans :P )

We then traveled to the place where we train where we had lunch and then training. The first official training session involving the USA girls. I think that they melded in pretty well and fast as well. After training we all got in our togs (or swimmers or bathers depending on the state your in) and had a recovery session in the spa and cold showers.

It was then home time where we had a bit of spare time (cuppa teas for my room - Dori and Tina), then individual meetings, a group meeting and then dinner.


Now its more free time. We are lucky enough to have free wireless internet, except that I didnt bring my laptop. Hence why I am on ass. coach Matts laptop.

Okay, I have endured this cold common room too long. My fingers are practically frozen and numb. Its bed time. Or maybe a little bit of Edward and Bella before bed time.

Catch ya all later!

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