07 February 2009

Week 5

Monday - Gym in the morning. Then in the evening a shoot around for an hour followed by Stars training (the court was hot, I was sweating like a pig!) and then at 7pm we had local league.
Tuesday - Nothing. Very sore from Mondays gym session. Yes I know, no excuse. Call me weak.
Wednesday - Gym followed by 1.5 hours of shooting around.
Thursday - 1k swim followed by 2 hours of shooting around.
Friday - Gym (arms = jelly after this session, lighter weights but longer reps)
Saturday - Training with the juniors.

Just so you all know, "shooting around" consists of a mixture of 5 spot shots around the key (each day doing different distances from the key, for example, on the line, or 1m or 2m out from the key, i like to mix it up over days or else it gets boring), layups (either overhand, underhand or hook, left, right and centre) and free throws. I measure my shots by makes. So if I decide to make 10 or 15 or 20 or whatever, and I'm having a crappy day, then I dont get to go home til its done. If I'm having an awesome day, I get to go early woo! I have to train myself to make these shooting sessions a higher quality compared to long quantities for when uni and possibly work starts. This year is the year of balance for me (compared to nothin but ball last year). I need to balance basketball, uni, maybe work, and of course what I like to call 'me time'.

Next week might not look so crash hot, I have meetings on Monday, and house stuff on the Thursday and Friday (handover Friday yeehaa!).

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