07 May 2009

Random adventure

Straight after our last game on the Sunday, Dori (who is staying with me until next Gliders camp), her two friends Fi and Ant, and I went back to my place for a quick shower and change and then drove down to Busselton (4 hours away from Perth).

We got there around 7ish pm, checked in, found some dinner and then pretty much passed out (from being tired! Only had a coke zero..).

The next morning we got up, had a bit of breakfast and then after Fi got back from taking Ant to his scuba dive, the 3 girls had a bit of a drive around Busselton. Went to the really long jetty (I heard its the longest one in the southern hemisphere..?) and had coffee at one of the little cafe's there. Went up the jetty for a little bit, then had a relaxer on the grass, and then drove out to the Marina where we had to pick Ant back up, had a drink, some hot chips and aioli, saw the scuba boat come in, then started our trip back to Perth.

The first round of State Comp was cancelled for the Stars because the other team forfeited, so we had the luxury of not having to rush back to Perth. So we stopped at Rockingham so the Melbournites could watch the sun set over the water. We also had dinner at a restaurant called Sunsets on the foreshore.

We finally got home and pretty much went to bed straight away.

The next day we decided to go to Scarborough Beach for a coffee with views of the beach before driving down the coastal road to Freo where we had lunch at Little Creatures (brewery). We all picked share plates so we had a nice feast of marinted kangaroo skewers, a gormet pizza, king praws and salmon with potatoes.

After a small walk around the jetties, it was time to take Fi and Ant to the airport. Afterwards, Dori and I went for a huge food shop before training in the evening.

I didn't want my extended weekend to end! But it was back to work on the Wednesday..

(oh and if your wondering why I am up so early, its coz I thought I had a WAIS breakfast on this m0rning, but its actually tomorrow. My bad!)

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