07 May 2009

WNWBL Round 1

Well hinesight is a wonderful thing!

We won all 4 games! So I didn't have to worry so much after all!

The first game on Friday night was against Dandenong. We started off pretty rusty, with a 8 - 0 on the score board at one stage in the 1st Q. But we got our nerves under control and ended up winning 65-28.

The 2pm game on the Saturday was against the Hills Hornets (7 time National League premiership holders). This game came right down til the last few seconds. Such a stressful situation to be in. We were tied with a few seconds to go. Alicia was sent to the line for 2 free throws, completely missed the first one, but redeemed herself by making the next (nice swish too). So we ended up winning that 45-46.

The 6pm game on the Saturday was against the Gladiators. We won that 31-81. Oh, and I've got a request to say hi to HKP.. So: "Hi!".

Our last game was at 11.30am on the Sunday. Coach told us that if we win this one (which would make us 4 of 4) then we wouldnt have to go to training on the Monday. We won 54-23.

The last game was probably the best I've felt like I've played since starting basketball. I don't normally shoot and in this game I got 12 points. So unlike me! I also got a few rebounds, assists (love it when my high's get it in the first time and not miss, catch their own rebound and then make the shot!) and steals. I also only got the 1 turn-over, unlike the 2 games on the Saturday where I was on 4 near the end of the game. (Woops!)

So we were pretty happy about our first round. And now that I've seen the other teams play, I don't have to stress about the scary unknown anymore :)
If you want to have a read of all the results and statistics, then check out Sporting Pulse and follow the appropriate links.

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