21 August 2012

Arnhem, Netherlands

This probably won't be very detailed because I should have written something each day rather than wait til today.

16 August 2012
Our first game was against Canada. The Gliders played with foggy brains after all the travel that we did the day before but despite the fact we lost the game, we were still happy with our effort. We fought all the way til the end of the game. Later in the day we played the Great Britain girls and we won that game.

17 August 2012
On the second day of competition we played against the Netherlands. Unfortunately we lost that game, but it was close right til the end! I think that playing three games within 48 hours of traveling took our energy levels by surprise. But these games have given us experiences that we can take into the Paralympics and be better off for it!

Game face! Not a glamorous sport :-)
18 August 2012
We played the Mexicans at 8.30 in the morning. We got the win over them quite easily. The rest of the day we were able to have off which was very nice especially with the amazing weather that the Netherlands was giving us. The Netherlands Olympic Committee facility is surrounded by a golf course and woods.

My 'don't mess with me' face!

19 August 2012
Last day in Amsterdam! We played off for third against the GB girls and won! This wasn't a tournament that needed medals so after our games we showered, packed our bags, watched the Netherlands beat Canada and then got on the bus to leave.

Thank you to Matt Wells for all the great on court photos
Just before getting on the bus I dropped my iPhone in the toilet (was in my lap when I transferred) - I got it out quick smart but it won't register my touch :-( With no time to go find rice, I took out my sim card, shook out as much water as I could, then shoved it sadly away into my bag. Before leaving Australia I had the thought that I would put a UK sim card in an old Nokia and keep my Aussie sim card in my iPhone. So at least I have a phone to use for txting.

The Gliders had a nice surprise when boarding the plane to London - British Airways upgraded us to business class! So the Aussie girls and GB girls had a very spacious 45minute flight to London.

So much leg space!!
A nice surprise always brings a smile to a Glider's face :-)
GB and Aussies in business class
Once in London we went through our first Paralympic processing station before getting on another bus and took the 3 - 4 hour drive to Cardiff, Wales. We arrived after midnight and I finally got to bed as I listened to the Sunday night party goers on the streets below outside my window.

One of two buses taking the Gliders to Cardiff.
Me and SV's room after a bit of redecorating
- 9 days til the Paralympics!

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