14 August 2012

The journey has started..

I guess the journey technically started 4 years ago when the Beijing Paralympics finished but the Perth contingency of the Gliders have finished their first flight and are in Singapore waiting for their next flight to Heathrow. Our flight is delayed til 2 something in the morning so thank god for Gold Frequent Flyer cards and Qantas Club!

It is cool to see people wandering the airport wearing the blue APC polo knowing we will all eventually be together in the Athlete Villiage in a few weeks. After watching the Olympics on tv it's exciting that it is now our time to do Australia proud. We still have a few things to do before moving into the Athlete Villiage though - the Gliders are actually on their way to the Netherlands for a short tournament in Arnhem. We will be playing against the Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and GB.

After that tournament we will be checking into the Australian Staging Camp in Cardiff, Wales on the 19th of August where we will get our Australian team uniform (how exciting!) and have several training sessions before FINALLY moving into the Athlete Village on the 25th of August.

For information about our games at the Paralympics you can check out the official London Paralympics website for wheelchair basketball: CLICK HERE

The main website for the Australian Paralympic team is also a decent read as well. The media team for the APC have done really well! CLICK HERE

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- 15 days til the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics!

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