23 August 2012

Cardiff, Wales - August 22nd

Today was a great day for me.

Firstly, I thought I had lost my Nokia last night so I took my iPhone out of it's rice bag and it works!! Secondly, I talked with the driver of the bus yesterday and he found my Nokia in his bus! I was so excited I gave him a hug. Lastly, the Gliders have been verified on Twitter! @clarenott10 has officially been verified to be mine. CLICK HERE to find out more about verification.

We then had a free morning. I try to get a soccor shirt from each city/country that I go to for my husband. In Cardiff they have the Cardiff City Football Club and yesterday I was told that the only place to buy their merchandise is to go to their official store at the stadium. So after breakfast I spoke with the transport people to ask where it was and what the best way to get there would be and the bus driver who was sitting nearby said he would take us! So SV and I jumped on an empty bus and were driven to the stadium and were dropped off right by the merchandise store. The bus driver then gave me his mobile number to call him when we were done. 15 minutes later we were getting back on the bus to go back to the Hilton.

After that I took SV shoe shopping which was fun. I bought a pair of shoes yesterday so didn't need to spend any more money but it was fun to help someone else spend their money :-)

In the afternoon we had our first on court session. We had a great session. High intensity - just the way we like it! After that we had recovery with JV, then dinner, then a team meeting followed by video footage in small groups.

Not long now people! Don't forget to check out Telstra Hero Messaging in order to send the Paralympic team as a whole or individual athletes support messages. It means a lot to hear from people back home. The Gliders have been away from home for over a week now so make sure you send us a message! If you want to send us a message CLICK HERE and then click on the big yellow and green 'Send a Telstra Heromessage', then find 'wheelchair basketball - women' in the first drop down menu. Then you can choose to either send a message to the whole team or find an individual player in the second drop down menu.

- 6 days to go til the Opening Ceremony!!

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