27 August 2012


August 26th
Today we had a tour of the village run by some APC staff. This village isn't as big as the Beijing one so I think that once I get my bearings, it will be pretty easy to get around.

The main thing I wanted to find was the salon for hair, nails and make up. After the tour three of us went back there hoping to book in to get our nails done before the Opening Ceremony. But the salon is fully booked out between now and the Opening Ceremony already! Therefore, the Gliders salon is open! I can do green, yellow or gold base colours, with the option of either green or gold shatter polish on top. I can also braid :-)

After finding out the tragic news about the fully booked out salon I went into the merchandise store. So much stuff! I got a few things and I double checked everything to make sure I wasn't accidently buying Olympic gear (which was still in the store). I'm a #ProudParalympian and I want merchandise with our symbol on it!

Myself and 3 other Gliders found the proper coffee barista in the village before taking our first trip outside the village to the Westfield next door. Oh my it is massive!! Could easily lose one another if not keeping a proper eye out. Someone gave me a dead sea salt hand scrub which did amazing things to my rough basketball hands but the price was a little out of my league so I didn't buy any.

Build-a-bear has a wheelchair option!!
Lunch back in the village was good. I ate out of the African section. Some of the things I ate were too spicy but some other things were really nice. A good thing about the food hall is you can try something new.

We then had some down time and got any treatment that we might need before going to our first training session at the Pavlova (the basketball stadium next to the Village looks like a massive square pavlova!). We had to wear our playing singlets so classifiers could watch us train and know who was who. We did the usual 'photo of our name' photo - I was very excited to be wearing my first ever Nott uniform :-)

 After training was dinner, then recovery, then a cuppa tea then bed.

August 27th
Nothing exciting today. Breakfast, lunch, video session, training session, dinner and recovery! Lots of spare time :-)

- 1 day to go til the Opening Ceremony!

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