11 May 2012

Basketball, Education and Life

Wednesday 16 May 2012 will see 3 Perth based Gliders flying out of Perth to go to Germany and then to Manchester a few days later. The Gliders will be competing in a tournament in Frankfurt, followed by a tournament in Manchester.

I love Germany! One of the nicest countries I have visited (been there three times now). Friendly people and cute little cake/pastry shops. I haven't been to Frankfurt before though, so I am looking forward to the new experience. Not looking forward to the weather while the Gliders are away though:

Taken from Google.com
So I won't be wondering around in my Lulu tanks this trip :( Swifly tech and manifesto long steeve tops might be seen though!

I will try write about any Gliders adventures on here to keep you up to date.

My uni exam is on the 4th of June (we arrive back in Australia on the 29th of May) so I might try be a good student and take my uni text book away with me. For the Manchester tournament I have a room to myself so I will (hopefully!) get a decent amount of spare time to myself. Though knowing me and the way I tend to study - I will be catching up on the unit chapter readings over the few days before the exam. Unfortunately those few days before the exam is actually a WNWBL round in Perth.

Can't wait for the semester to be over!

Make sure you read Flash and Thunder's blog as well and then follow the links to donate (even if it is just $5). Lee and Dean are in training mode for Tough Mudder and all the money they raise goes straight to Wheelchair Sports WA.

My guy wears Lulu too :)
I will be plugging Flash and Thunder numerous times because I fully support what they are doing. I'm so proud of them both! I had a dream last night that they reached $1000. Help make my dream come true! (and yes, I agree - it is a weird thing to dream about!)

- 110 days to go til Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympics!

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