20 May 2012

Gliders in Germany 2

18 May 2012

Today was quite a simple day. A Gliders day always starts off with hydration testing which basically involves peeing a tiny bit into a small jar and then having our physio MW test it and giving us a score. More than 15 usually means your dehydrated. A score of zero means your peeing water and are over hydrated. I had a pretty good score (under 5!) which is unusual for me. I am usually very dehydrated in the mornings but my body clock wasn't in German time last night so when I woke up and was having trouble getting back to sleep, I was drinking more water.

The rest of the day consisted of a buffet breakfast, then an on court training session, then lunch (fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil pizza), then a pool session, then treatment/massage, then a team meeting watching heaps of video footage of ze Germans, and then an official dinner with all the teams.

Mmmm pizza.
Mini buffet tables! So cute!

At this tournament the womens teams are Germany, Netherlands, USA and Australia. The mens teams are Germany, Japan, GB and USA. It has been a while since the Gliders have had to play USA so it will be interesting to see how we go. But first up (tomorrow) we play Germany. We have played Germany numerous times over the last few years so we have a lot of scouting notes about the team in general and the individual players. We have won games against them and we have also lost games against them. But because I am completely biased and have faith in my team - I am sure we will come away with a "W".

19 May 2012

Hydration: 21
Today we played both Germany and Netherlands. I'm not really going to write too much because we have a REALLY early morning and will be at the stadium all day. Long story short: we lost both games. Jet lag? Being a little rusty? I'm sure there are plenty of excuses but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of basketball - the ball didn't go in the hole enough times.

I sit here watching a lightning storm on the German horizon (not too spectacular - just flashes) while also reading other Gliders get fraped by their room mates. Before writing this I had my psoas / hip flexor's stretched so now it's time for bed.

- 102 days til the London Paralympics!

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