23 May 2012

Gliders in Germany / Manchester

20 May 2012

Hydration: 15

Today was the first day since being in Germany that I actually woke up to an alarm. I didn't wake up at all during the night so I was surprised to get a semi-decent score on my hydration test. Breakfast was at 6.35am so we could make our bus to the stadium for our 9am game versus the USA team.

We haven't played the USA in a few years so we weren't sure what to expect. They won the major tournaments in 2008 and 2010 so we were expecting them to be tough opponents. The Gliders came out tough and beat them quite convincingly. One quarter the USA got donuts (ZERO!) shots in. We were feeling pretty awesome after this game.

Because we had lost the first two games it didnt matter that we had won the game against the US. We were still only playing for third. So after only a few hours rest we were playing in the play off for third against Netherlands. We lost. Like I mentioned in a previous post - no matter what excuse we had (tiredness), it was a matter of the ball not going in the hole enough times.

We weren't very happy after that game but because we still have one more tournament to go, we did our recovery session in the ice cold showers before going to watch the next game. We eventually got home for a dinner and then bed. We were at the stadium for about 12 hours that day.

21 May 2012

Travel day! Not that much to write about for this day. We had to be packed and ready to go at around 11am. We took the bus to the airport. Said goodbye to LDT who was flying back to Australia. Flew to London and then flew to Manchester. I had woken up that morning with a cold so I hated the flights. Trying to unblock my ears without blowing boogers out my nose is a skill I had to learn quickly.

By the time we got to the hotel it was dinner time, but I skipped dinner so I could go to bed early. I have a room to myself again which is probably a good thing anyway so I don't contaminate anyone else. I had a nice hot shower to try clear my head and I then took the night cold/flu tablets and went to bed.

22 May 2012

Hydration: 16! (massive surprise becaues I didn't think I drank much water last night)

Because I skipped dinner last night I missed any information regarding today - including when to wake up for breakfast. I woke up around 6.30am and lay in bed til around 7am umming and arhhing about whether to call MW to ask what time breakfast was. I eventually got the guts to call but found out the room phone had no dial tone so I couldn't call anyone anyway. It wasn't until I actually got up out of bed until I found the note by my door.

I got ready and then snoozed until it was time for breakfast. After breakfast the Gliders went for a wander to the shops but I stayed behind. After re-painting my nails with OPI 'Fly' and 'Alpine Snow' with gold shatter on top, I slept until my alarm went off at 1pm - just enough time to get ready for lunch.

After lunch we had a team meeting to talk about ze Germans who we are playing first at this tournament. Afterwards we had some more time to ourselves. I took the plunge and bought 24 hours of internet access in my room so I could Skype hubby. The Gliders had a training session in the evening. I sat on court side while watching the others do shooting drills and a small amount of 'defence against the Germans' drills. I hate being sick. I feel like I am missing out on opportunities to make my basketball better.

Dinner at the hotel was nice - some sort of port in sauce dish. The choc cake was even nicer but I couldn't finish it all. Too many bread rolls prior to cake.

I have one more set of night time cold/flu tabs to take so hopefully I feel much better when I wake up tomorrow.

- 98 days til London Paralympics!

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