18 May 2012

Gliders in Germany

16 May 2012

Left Perth at 3.30ish pm. Nearly forgot to pick up my duty free Clinique because the airport employee took us through a secret doorway which bypassed the duty free pickup zone. Fellow Glider SV reminded me so had the airport employee run upstairs to grab my moisterizer. Thanks SV!

5 or so hours later we were in Singapore airport waiting for the eastern states Gliders to arrive. 11ish pm we were on our plane to Frankfurt, Germany! I slept for a bit then woke up for dinner (some sort of curry). Then slept til breakfast (some kind of egg that held it's shape). Then read my book until touch down.

17 May 2012

My first stamp in my new Nott passport!!
Waited in an airport chair for a very long time as the ground staff tried to find our day chairs. They had brought up our basketball chairs and sent our day chairs off to baggage claim, so it took a while for them to swap them around.

DG, KG, CC, SC and myself went on a bit of an adventure because we followed the wrong 'baggage claim this way' sign and ended up in the wrong terminal. DG and I were going to go one way but we saw the other three going the other way so we followed (hinesight, doh!). We went past the point of no return (past passport control) so we had to take the airtrain to the right terminal where the rest of the Gliders were waiting for us. They were still waiting for the bus to arrive so we didn't feel too bad!

Short bus trip to the Radisson Hotel, Frankfurt. Turns out that I am the luckest Glider (in my opinion but I am biased!). I have a room to myself with a double bed. AC has her own room as well but has a single bed (which makes it ideal for the physio table, therefore, is now the treatment/massage room). All the other Gliders have roomies and single beds each.

Not as messy as it will probably be in a few days
Double bed - a luxury when on a Gliders trip

I had a bit of time for a quick shower and then had a breakfast buffet with the girls. We dragged this out for a fair bit before finally leaving to go for a recovery swim in the pool which is on the top floor (level 18) with the glass slanted roof. We had a small amount of 'own time' before having a compulsory wander around the block to keep us active.

Our hotel

We then watched some video footage in small groups to scout ze Germans before having some down time before dinner. In the down time I started to feel a bit down and tired but then hubby logged online which perked me back up. Its always great to be able to chat with him. In the past I have gone on away trips where internet access is hard to come by and chatting with our loved ones back home becomes hard. The Gliders aways get a bit excited when we find out there is free wifi where we are staying. Its a bit sad though when we chat via fb/twitter instead of in their room a short push/walk down the hall.

For dinner we walked to a Thai restaurant. I had a penang curry and it was fantastic! Conversations were hiarious as the Gliders became over tired. Turkey basters - what!? If you have ever watched Offspring (channel 10) you might have a clue what we might have chatted about.

I am now back in my room sipping on my Gaterade bottle filled with water and Shotz so tomorrow mornings pee test gets a good hydration testing. #athleteproblems (oh wait, this isn't Twitter..).

Apologies for any spelling or gramatical errors. I'll fix them later! Bed time!

- 104/103 days til London Paralympics! (depending on what time zone your in).

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