26 May 2012

Gliders in Manchester 2

23 May 2012

Hydration: 17

Feeling a bit better today. I stayed in my room as much as possible, only coming out for compulsory team get togethers like meetings, food and training. I wasn't 100% going into the game but when the game started, the rush you get of playing basketball kicked in and although I was sniffing back bubbles, I think I played pretty well. Got a steal which always feels pretty good as a low. I shot like a dog though. Our team shooting percentage was a bit embarrassing which is why we lost. Our other stats were actually pretty decent compared to Germany but unfortunately the most important stat is what let us down.

24 May 2012

Hydration: 18

Today we got the win against the Great Britain girls though we still played pretty ugly. We know we can do so much better than what we are currently doing at this tournament. All the teams seem to be having lower shooting percentages. Is it the court? The bright lights that heat up the stadium? The brand new fully pumped GL6's? The ring / backboard? A combination of all of those? Who knows. I remember similar comments occuring during the last time we were here. No matter what, we are athletes who should learn to adapt to different environments, so we can only blame ourselves really.

During warm up I got a bit excited to see NOTT on the scoreboard.  They changed it to BURZYNSKI for the game but not before I was able to take a photo using DG's phone (I will try get that off him at some stage).

25 May 2012 - Happy birthday Dean "Thunder" Underwood and Amanda Nott!

Hydration: 11

I can definitely feel the difference this kind of tournament is having on my body. Compared to the tournament in Germany where we smashed out 4 intense games in 2 days - this tournament has lots of rest opportunities by having only one game a day. I am not feeling fatigued at all and my sickness feels like its starting to go away (though still blowing bubbles every now and then - not nice).

Today we had a morning training session and we worked on the thing that has been letting us down in the games. Uncontested shots. So we did lots of layups, bounce stops and and various shoots around the key.

Lunch was a treat from BA - pizza at an Italian restaurant in Manchester. We then had a small amount of time where we were able to wander the shops before heading back to the hotel which was only a short push away. We then did whatever we wanted in the hotel. Some Gliders may have napped. Other Gliders tried getting other teams involved in our new music video (hopefully this actually gets published - its currently in production but time is of essence!).


We then had a 7pm game against the US. In Germany we beat them so we wanted to beat them again. We did! It felt great :) I personally was proud of the way I played, 7 points in an international game is a bit of a warm fuzzy for myself. The team did really really well - we played tough defence and we were hitting some clutch shots after working some smart offence.

Tomorrow we are in the grand final - guaranteed medal = smiles all round!!

- 95 days til the London Paralympics!!

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