27 May 2012

Gliders in Manchester 3

26 May 2012 

Grand final day!!

I went shopping for the first time since being away with the Gliders. SV and I found the jewellery shop selling Thomas Sabo so I could buy a new charm. They are cheaper in this part of the world compared to buying them in Australia. My newest addition is a cute little Sabo Doll :)

Because it took ages to choose which charms we wanted and the lady took her time at the cash register we had to basically sprint (as much as two wheelchair bound girls can sprint across english streets) back to the hotel to make our team meeting on time.

We left for our game early so we could watch the bronze medal game between GB and USA. It was a close game but USA got the win.

Grand final nails - green and gold shatter
We had a great game against the Germans but unfortunately we didn't get the win. It was a very exciting close game - the leader changes several times. We were only down by 3 points when the score board decided to not work at 1:03 minutes to go. When they finally rigged up an alternate score board and shot clock the game started again and we resorted to end game tactics. Unfortunately it didn't go our way. We had an amazing defensive game but 0/8 free throws and a few missed easy baskets let us down.

We were in good spirits after the game though - we were happy with our efforts this tournament. While we waited for the bus to game, the walkers of our team created a new game: Amputee cricket - with an empty water bottle as the ball and prosthetics as the bats. It was very funny! We even got a few staff members involved and a random englishman.


At night we were able to relax at the bar on lower ground floor and the Gliders Player's Player was awarded jointly to CC and SS. My custody of C-Money (orange toy cat below) was very short after winning her by being Player's Player of the Frankfurt tournament (I kept the gold clutch though).

Player's Player is something that is awarded after each tournament. After each game during that tournament, each Glider votes for three Glider's who they thought contributed the best to the game. 3 votes to your first preference, 2 votes to your second preference, 1 vote to your third preference. It doesn't neccessarily have to be someone who got heaps of minutes and played really well - we can vote for someone who was very supporting on the bench or someone who did their role very well during their time on court. I have won it a few times over the years I have been playing basketball. It is a very humbling thing to be awarded - to know that your fellow teammates appreciate what you do for the team.

27 May 2012 

Travel day!

We don't have to leave the hotel til 3.30pm so in a bit I will start packing and then head out for a wander around Manchester city.

It has been a fantastic tournament but I am ready to go back home for lots of cuddles from my two boys :)

- 94 days til London Paralympics!

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