27 January 2009

The AIS camp so far..

Well today is day 3 (technically) of being in Canberra. It started at 3.15am for me on the Sunday morning, driving myself to the airport to be there for 4.30am (good thing I only live 15 minutes away, feel sorry for any Southerners who had to drive so early in the morning). Me, Amber, Sarah and Kim were on the flight to Canberra via Sydney. The rest of the Perth group went via Melbourne. Our flight from Sydney to Canberra was cancelled for some unknown to us reason so we had to take a later flight which left us waiting around Sydney airport for 2 and a bit hours.

We finally made it to Canberra, got picked up by Gliders ass. coach Ben O, and got to the AIS just in time (maybe a tad late) for the combined u23's and Gliders team meeting. It was awesome seeing my 2 state coaches Ben E and John T there. Especially with it being John's first gig being head coach for the Gliders.

So day was consisted mainly of travel, with a team meeting, then dinner followed by another team meeting before bed to come up with our team words. These words are what we want the Gliders to be seen and known as. These words being encouraging, united, professional and relentless persistence. We then were able to go to bed. In my apartment is Dori and Doma: Dori being in my room and Doma lucky enough to have a room to herself.

Day 2 was our first full day together. Waking up at 6am to be ready for a 7am team meeting. These morning meetings are fairly short. John goes through what we are doing for today, including what we will be concentrating on in each of the on court training sessions. After the meeting we had breakfast and then our first on court session. It was a massive session of craming as much new info in as possible. Different plays, etc. I was mentally exhausted. We then had a recovery session in the recovery centre. 2 minutes spa, 2 minutes ice plunge. Repeat 3 - 4 times but finishing with 5 minutes in the ice plunge. We then had lunch. Then another on court training session where we were able to scrimmage against the u23's. Then we had dinner, then we had another on court training session which turned out to be more of a fun one. John put us into 2 teams and put us through a whole bunch of games where the winners got points. Got a bit rough especially the one where the only rule was the shoot elbow shots and see how many your team could get in. Other than that it was no rules. So there was defence against the opposite team. Throwing the other teams ball away, etc. We finished off the day with an Australia Day quiz. 7 rounds of 5 very Aussie questions. The Wrinklies (consisting of John and Jess P's dad Phill) came first, and it was a tie between me and Jess and Red and Dori (even after about 8 tie breaker questions!). Finally bed time!

Today (day 3) started pretty much the same. Up at 6am for a 7am team meeting. Then breakfast. But instead of a on court session we had a recovery lecture with Joe followed by the usual practical of 2 minutes spa, 2 minutes ice plunge, blah blah. Now we have had a bit of down time before lunch which is in half an hour. After that more down time until like 2.30 when our first on court training session begins. The down time has been much needed. My shoulders and lower back are kinda sore!

Anyway, thats all for now. I gotta go back to being social :)


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