29 January 2009

The AIS continued..

After the big break on tuesday, we had our first on court training session for the day. We worked through our press breaker and were able to scrimmage against each other. The girls then had a team meeting with our interim manager Maz to sort out what uniform we have and which uniform we want to take to Osaka. We also tried on sample sizes for our new playing uniform. We were ment to have another round of individuals with the coaching staff but the uniform meeting went a bit overtime and we couldnt fit in the indiv's before dinner. After dinner we had another on court training session. This session was run by the two Ben's (E and O) and in it we concentrated on our defence. In the session we were introduced to new terminology so us wheelchair basketballers can get away from AB basketball terms. These new terms, which include helpline, pistols, 11 or 14, etc., will be spread around Australia so no matter what team we are playing in, whether it be a local team, state team or Aussie rep team, the terminology will be uniform across all fields. We also did alot of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 scrimmages.

After the session a few of us utilised the ice plunge pool in the basketball stadium. While Red, Dori and Tina did the full body plunge, I lied on my stomach at the edge and had my arms in the ice cold water up to my shoulders. Afterwards, we went and had a late night snack of yoghurt outside the Residence Food Hall for a bit of a chat and laugh (especially when I ran a mile when a flying pray mantis flew at me) while our bodies (or limbs in my case) returned to normal temperature.

We finally got back to our rooms, showered (cold showers by the way), and went to bed. It wasn't long after that when I got attacked by a flying cockroach in my bed. According to Dori, she has never seen someone jump out of bed so fast. She had to come to my rescue and hit the horrible flying thing from the curtain above my bed onto the floor. I composed myself and got back into bed but was still nervous because I couldnt see where its little corpse was. I moved my backpack and there it was just sitting there but while looking at it, it moved. Yet again, I screamed like a girl and got out of bed. Pathetic, I know! But I hate, HATE, insects! Dori squished it and it was definitely dead but sleeping wasn't made any easier. We both kept hearing things jumping and flittering and crawling around. So the quality of sleep wasnt very high that night.

The next morning, the wednesday (also our last day there) saw us at breakfast for 7am and on the court for 8am. We learnt more new things in just over an hour of practice. It was a good session to end our first camp. We were showered, dressed, packed and driving to the airport at 10.40am. This time we flew home via Melbourne. We were delayed for our flight to Perth because our plane had just come from the hanger and apparently the inside temperature of the plane was around 55 degrees C. So we had to wait for it to cool down before loading. I pretty much slept the whole way. One thing I'm pretty good at is falling asleep on planes, so the actual flight seemed to go pretty quick. Before I knew it I was in my car, driving myself home. Lucky I only live 15 minutes away from the airport.

So here I am back home in Perth with the entire Robbie Williams discography (bit of a fan? umm yeah!) playing in the background. I have a few things I need to do, including trying to get some cash out at the bank without having any bank cards (new ones still havent arrived in the mail yet). Once I have money I will be able to fill my car up, buy some groceries and go to the lisencing centre to buy a replacement drivers lisence. Tomorrow I have my last on site meeting at my house before hand over. Excited!!

Anyway that will do.. Have a good weekend! :)

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