10 January 2009

Week 1

Well it's the end of my first week back into training for 2009. Slowly getting back into it so my new 09 training diary definitely doesn't look as busy as it did pre-paras. I had the monday off after flying back into Perth the sunday night, but then..
  • Tuesday - Intervals on the hand crank in the gym - 40 minutes worth (want to work my way up to 48 minutes. Why? Coz thats how long a NWBL game goes for. 40 minutes is WNWBL).
  • Wednesday - 1k swim followed by a 2 hour training session with Cats / Rollers coach Ben E. I was accompanied by Aussie under 23's squad members Adam and Kim. Was a good hard session. Probably shouldnt have done the 1k swim before hand as I was absolutely nackered at the end. Got my first blister for 09 as well, which is a good and bad thing. Means rough man hands can be made soft after a while, but also shows my lack of training since Kitty.
  • Thursday - Another 40 minutes worth of intervals on the hand crank followed by an hours worth of shooting around trying to get used to the girls size 6 ball again (compared to the mens size 7 ball).
  • Friday - nothing training/fitness wise. Spent pretty much the entire day putting clean clothes away, and doing odd bits around the apartment.
  • Saturday (today) - The Wheelcats (which was actually a mixture of Cats, Stars and juniors) played a demo game before the Perth Lynx game (which they won!) at Perry Lakes. It was alot of fun, as well as promoted our team and our sport to more of the public, so overall it was a good night.

Next week I hope to step the training up a bit, get a few more swim sessions in, at least 3 gym sessions, and at least 3 shooting sessions. Local league also starts on monday. I gotta make sure im in good shape for the Gliders first training camp for 09 coming up later this month at the AIS.

One last thing before I go, during training Ive been wearing my new Polar RS200 heart rate monitor. Freaking awesome! It has this built in Sport Zones thing so that I know im working as hard or as easy as I should. It also uploads data onto a website (www.polarpersonaltrainer.com) via my laptops mic. It has an online diary, can create different training programs depending on your fitness goals, and also graphs all your data for you. Pretty cool!

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