15 January 2009

Clare Louise Burzynski

I was talking to Lee on MSN about his blog and he asked when was I going to write a new one. I said when I thought of something to write about.. I soon thought that I could tell you all about the different states that I've lived in and that how I still call myself a Perth girl through and through. But then I started looking through some old baby and childhood photographs and I thought of a better idea...

At the moment on the Wheelcats Facebook group, several people, including myself, have been uploading old photographs of Wheelcats. I went as far as going to the WSWA Osborne Park office and sifting through old photos to find some around 1999. My god, there were alot of funny photos. Funny clothes, funny hairstyles. We have grown alot in 10 years!

So, my idea.. Instead of a whole bunch of text for you to read through. How about my life in pictures? Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at home so I've had to resort to taking photos of photos. Hence why some of them look a little fuzzy or have shine on them. Some of the originals are a little fuzzy anyway but I think you will still be able to manage :)

So how about I start right from the start?

I was born August 11th, 1986 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Half english from my mothers side, and half Aussie but with a whole bunch mixed in (hence the Polish last name) on my fathers side.

(1. Me - screaming, just popped out; 2. Me, Dad and Lauren, my sister; 3. Me and Mum)

I was born a normal, healthy baby. 10 fingers, 10 toes. 1 head. All my sight, all my hearing, all my touch senses in tip top condition. Nothing wrong with me. I remember my mother telling me that at first I started crawling by doing an Army crawl. One arm over the other. Then of course the legs kicked in. And then yes walking. Apparently I started walking early for my age. I must have known deep down that something was going to happen...

(Proof that at some stage in my life I could walk - bit of a blondie wasn't I?)

Well thats going to have to do for tonight. Its 40 degrees tomorrow so Im going to Herbie an hour earlier tomorrow.. which means getting up earlier.. erg!

Stay tuned for part 2.. Ooo I wonder whats gunna happen to that cute lil blondie!!

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