25 January 2009

Week 3 and a bit of a ramble

Apologies must be made before I try write anything. Its 10 to 4 in the morning. A rediculous time to be up in the morning but hey, its what you gotta do sometimes when you live in Perth and play in a basketball team that trains at the AIS in Canberra.

Met P.M. K Rudd yesterday. Well, more like he walked past me to get to the front of the room to sit and then talk on stage. Why was I there? Well the invite said to celebrate Australia Day, but there wasn't enough snags on the barbie and champers for my kinda Australia Day celebration. There was alot of inportant people crowding the Government House ballroom in their "lounge suits. day dress or service uniform's". I didn't recognise anyone (I really should watch or read the news a bit more) but my plus one, Joel, said he say Matty Pav from the Dockers. Meh. Never was an AFL kinda girl. Today was a day when the inportant people got their O.H.M's attached to their last name. Gold medalists get their names extended. I missed out by two colours. Maybe in 2012 I can have my already long last name extended :) I must have been invited just so I could enjoy the show, so to speak.

Anyway, couldn't really enjoy it that much. Inside I was in a panic. Somewhere between parking in Langley (where there was some Regae music festival on) to the Government House, my clutch (aka wallet or purse, but wasnt my usual one with everything in it thank god!) went walk about. I have this net thing under my chair which is pretty good at holding things. I must have just been a bad packer that day. But its not the first time Ive lost something important from it, so I really should learn one day. I think I have now. Anyway inside, as you can imagine, were a few things you dont want to lose! At first I thought my mobile was in there too but luckily I had accidently left that in the car.

So long story short, got Joels housemate to drive us back to their house where I could make a few phone calls. Then got driven to my place so locksmith could let me into my own house. Then went in got the spare car and house key. Then was driven all the way back to the city so I could get my car. This is when I realised I hadnt lost my mobile after all. So there was a little light in todays horror adventure. Sucks, I only had just memorized my cc number. Now I will have to learn a new one!

So a big thank you to Joel and his household for putting up with me for a few extra hours than expected, and for driving me everywhere and financing the whole thing. Will pay you back when I get my cards back in 5 or whatever working days (or so CBA says). And if you were the person who found my clutch in Langley please hand it in! Be a good Australian! (but yes very doubtful, always think the worst, then anything you get is seen as good)

Now its 10 past 4 in the morning. I need to leave for the airport in about 5 minutes. The Gliders have their first training camp at the AIS. Its being run along side the u23's Australian camp. Should be good. Im excited. Well not now. Right now Im friggin tired. But I have to drive. Taxi service is crapola and the Robin's are nice enough to drive my car back to theirs while Im away (thank you!!).

Anyway heres week 3.. Still didnt get the amount of swim or gym sessions that I wanted done. Really need to get my butt into gear when I get back from camp. When uni starts maybe I can get some sort of routine going..

Monday - 1 hour shoot around and then local league. Got smashed. Those men are tall and ugly.
Tuesday - 2 hour shoot around.
Wednesday - 1k swim and 2 hour shoot around.
Thursday - 2 hour shoot around.
Friday - 2 hour shoot around.

Quite possibly could make the shoot around a higher quality. Might need to draft a few structured sessions...

Anyway I need to go! Ciao!

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