11 January 2009

Perth, Western Australia

For those of you who have never been to Perth: come! For those of you who have visited Perth before: visit again! For those of you, like me, who live here: how lucky are we!

This morning I decided I wanted to see if going for a push would actually get my HR up eventhough I pretty much push around all day long. So off I went in my car and drove to North Beach, a good 30 or 40 minute drive from where I'm living at the moment. I parked in one of the little carparks at the end of North Beach rd, got out, started the HR watch and went south. I decided that I would push for 30 minutes, stop, turn around and then push back to my car, which would make it a good hour of pushing. I ended up going all the way to Scarborough Beach. Took me about 35/40 minutes to get there. Once I was there I discovered a beach volleyball tournament and decided to sit in the shade and watch for a while. It was good to run into Kim L while I was there as well. I ended up hanging around, having a drink, an ice cream, for about an hour before setting off back to my car in North Beach. Took me 38 minutes to get back, stopping every now and then to take a few pictures.

So the result of the day? Yes, going for a push, especially along that strip with a few good hills, got my HR rate up. Average HR on the way down was 150 with a max of 184. Average HR on the way back was 153 with a max of 178.
(more pics on FaceBook)

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