29 January 2009

Week 3's ramble aftermath

There are good people in this world! Well, a little naughty, but good overall!

I got a phone call this afternoon which pretty much made my day! It was my bank calling, asking me a few security questions and then told me that someone had found the clutch I lost last Saturday! They gave me their number which I rang, spoke too, got their details and then jumped into the car to go find them. Luckily the company it was at wasn't too far away. Someone must have handed my clutch into one of the event staff (after taking the $15 bucks, but hey! who cares!? I dont have to pay for a new drivers licence or car key!).

It made me remember something I read in one of my uni text books. How there are different theories on people's behaviour. How some guy thinks we are all born good, we just get bad habits along the way. But some other guy thinks deep down we are all evil, we just get good habits along the way. Looks like I was paying attention that day in uni, can't even remember their names.. Probably important people too :P

Anyway! I am one happy girl!

Oh, and I hope you like the new look blogg. I got bored this evening :P

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